AAULYP Presents...What A Time to Be Alive..The May General Body Mixtape

AAULYP presents...the May general body mixtape meeting "What a Time to be Alive" Capitalizing off of Austin's Growth. We will drop three tracks for you during the meeting.

  1. I'm The Plug(Investing 101)

  2. Change Locations (Real Estate 101)

  3. Live from the Gutter (Small Business Development 101)

We plan to introduce you to the tracks that will help you win in Austin. We will have you Taking advantage of the growth and taking advantage of the network and family we are building as young professionals. The mixtape drops May 14th @7PM with an early start of 6:45 pm to allow for time to network before we get right into it. Oracle will be the location where we drop this knowledge to you. Come prepared to network, grow, and learn. Let us give you the keys to wealth building in Austin. 


2300 Cloud Way Room-W1078, Austin, TX 78741


Tuesday, May 14, 2019 6:45PM - Tuesday, May 14, 2019 6:45PM