Austin Area Urban League Young Professionals [AAULYP's or YP's] are committed to helping make Austin a better city through diversity and urban culture. The purpose and mission of the Urban League and the Young Professionals in particular is to provide young people with resources that encourage networking and interaction with social, cultural, educational and political institutions and to help cultivate innovative ideas and dynamic dialogue in Austin amongst “Young Professionals”.

Over the years, significant steps have been made in removing the early prejudices and barriers, thus allowing many of our constituents to learn to grow, and to thrive in the Austin community. As we move forward with our programs, we have been able to adapt to the ever-changing Austin environment – one that has grown from being merely the state capital to that of a thriving technological hub that incorporates the community, government, and the business sectors.



Provide tools to African-Americans and under-served populations to build a foundation for social and economic equality.


A community where all individuals and families are empowered to be self-sufficient.


As young professionals volunteering in the community is integral in defining the characteristics of a YP. Throughout the year the AAULYP volunteers with various organizations around austin that help make a difference in the city.

Between the begining of our careers to the transitions into leadership and managing roles the AAULYP wants to help YP's reach their caeer goals. The AAULYP host multiple meetups to prepare the workplace and professional mixers to build connections with other young professionals in the city.

Financial Literacy is essential for young professionals. Yp's are in the their first career roles and planning for the their future lives. YP's provide financial workshops and classes to help all looking to improve their financial prosperity.

We create implement As young professionals the YP's are great role models to learn from. Empower youth and prepare them for our future is a big opportunity to empower our communities.